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Corporate Governance

Advice on Cash Flow Forecast, Funds Flow Management and prepare Clients for "Due Diligence". We also provide tools in aiding Management for corporate governance.

Corporate Restructuring

Arranging expert advice on corporate restructuring from "Time&Motion" study to application of decision making tools based on market research, productivity and goals.

Corporate Training Solutions

Corporate training solutions in all fields of management except for engineering or any other technical subjects.

Project Management

Consultancy services from inception to planning, WIP, Budget variance, EOT and forensic analysis of claims

VAT Familiarization

Familiarization, consultancy and solutions on compliance as and when it is required

Commercial Management

Review and compiling of commercial terms & conditions for any type of MOU, JV, contribution to contract commercial negotiations and due diligence preparedness contribution to contract negotiation.

Design Consultancy

Interior designs products that integrate in form and function. We can also advise on execution modes, methods and planning of various inputs.

Resource Management Solutions

We can critically examine, review and suggest optimum utilization of corporate resources from manpower to product realization.

IT and Records Management

Providing ERP and WEB based solutions and record management in electronic and physical form with an easy access. "ERP solutions and record management in electronic and physical form with an easy access."

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with extensive experiences in varied fields of corporate governance of any small to medium size business enterprise. Our specialized services range from setup of business to Management of Corporate Finance

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+971 6 548 0117 / +971 50 409 7136 / +971 50 632 9520
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